Friends of PM Press, May 2015 edition

The past few months have been crammed full of good books, but I have been too busy reading them (and working) to update.

This month I received:

  • Signal: 04, edited by Alec Dunn and Josh MacPhee. Signal bills itself as “A Journal of International Political Graphics & Culture.” Articles in this volume cover Palestinian Affairs (a publication of the PLO), large-scale visual interventions by the Bay Area Peace Navy, artistic responses in Juárez, Mexico, to long-term femicide occurring there, the Kotare Trust Poster Archive in New Zeland, Kommune 1, the artist behind the cover art for Three Continents Press, and the Punchclock Print Collective of Toronto.
  • The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book, by Jacinta Bunnell & Leela Corman. This is, unsurprisingly, a coloring book. I am not hugely excited by coloring books, but this is a cute resource for those who are. Bunnell is the person also behind the Girls are Not Chicks and Sometimes a Spoon Runs Away With Another Spoon coloring books.
  • Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer. This came out within a month of Octavia’s Brood from AK Press and I can only hope that it is less of a fluke of publishing and more of an indicator of the reaffirming of the the connection between people who seek to imagine a different world and write about it and those who seek to imagine a different world and enact it. This book is co-published with Geek Radical and was assisted by a 2012 kickstarter, and appears to have been released approximately a year behind schedule. I have enjoyed the bits that I have already read and I excited for this book and the trend in general.

More information about the Friends of PM Press is available here.